August 27, 2013

Sweet Trails and Great Eats

Do hikers love to eat?   Who wouldn't after burning all those calories?  The most commonly asked question from any day hiker after a good day's trek is, "where are we eating?"  Unlike backpackers (hikers who camp on the trail overnight), day hikers don't have to fuss with all that freeze-dried food or cans of vienna sausages not to mention scavenging for firewood.  

Hikers are always looking for a great meal at a bargain price!  You know those quick dry clothes and hiking boots aren't cheap!  Let's save hiking gear for another day and head to the nearest restaurant. 

Today's special is two for one:  beautiful trails and tasty restaurants!

Glen Falls and The Purple Daisy Picnic Cafe near Chattanooga, Tennessee 

Located in the Lookout Mountain Battlefield and Point Park,  Glen Falls is actually in Georgia. You can hike to the falls from one of two trailheads--both in Tennessee:  Ochs Highway or by starting on the Guild Trail at Ruby Falls.  Here is a map of the trails. 

A great place to eat located by the Incline Railway. Here is the Purple Daisy's website.

Don't miss the Rainbow sandwich, chips, and banana pudding.  

Miller Trek at Brasstown Valley Resort and Michaelee's Chocolate Caffe in Hiawassee, Georgia 

Located at Brasstown Valley Resort, the 6.5-mile trail takes you into the Chattahoochee National Forest.  Along the way, you will encounter a hardwood forest that contains Tuliptree, Red Maple, White Oak, and Black Locust trees.  Here is more information on the trail. 

After an invigorating hike on the Miller Trek, head east to the town of Hiawassee for Michaelee's Chocolate Caffe in the Timberlake Village shopping center.  Don't miss the Grilled Chicken Chocolate Wrap. You won't regret it.   Here is more information on Michaelee's.
Be sure to indulge in a chocolate dessert or take home a few truffles! 

DeSoto State Park and Wildflower Cafe near Fort Payne, Alabama

Located on Lookout Mountain near Fort Payne, Alabama, DeSoto State Park has over 25 miles of hiking trails, including 11+ miles of mountain bike trails.  Here is more information. 

After you get through hiking at DeSoto State Park, be sure to stop at the Wildflower Cafe in Mentone.   Featured in Southern Living, the cafe has delicious food that is decadent and hardy or healthy and organic with gluten free and vegan options.  My personal favorite is the Tomato Pie. Here is more information.

Greeter Falls in the Savage Gulf Recreation Recreation Area and Papa Ron's Italian Steakhouse near Monteagle, Tennessee

Greeter Falls is located in the South Cumberland Recreation Area.   Here is more information. 

The 0.8-mile Greeter Falls Loop Trail leads to four waterfalls, numerous bluffs, and two historic sites.  Terrain is very rocky under the bluffs and easy above. 

The bread is delicious, but be sure to save room for some great Italian food.  Here is Papa Ron's website. 

I'm sure you are wondering if it's rude to apply your lipstick at the table after the meal is finished.  Miss Manners says you should excuse yourself and go to the ladies room where there is appropriate lighting and large mirrors. Etiquette is based on consideration for others and don't do something which might be viewed by others as offensive. Good information to know so you can Keep On Hiking! 


  1. Guilty! I have applied lipstick at the table after a meal, but I won't do it again.

  2. Those truffles sure look tasty! Thanks for sharing, and happy trails :)

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