August 18, 2013

Six Favorite Tennessee Waterfalls

Who doesn't love waterfalls?  While there are roads to the more notable ones, hiking is often required to view some of the lesser known, but equally stunning cascades.

For me, the anticipation of hiking to a waterfall has always paid off with spectacular results. The waterfalls listed here are in the Cumberland Plateau region of Tennessee.  Some are in state parks and are, therefore, a little easier to access; however, some require a hike!  Here are some of my favorite Tennessee waterfalls.

Cane Creek Cascades located in Fall Creek Falls State Park near Pikeville.
The park offers a variety of day-use trails that provide access to some of the park's loveliest areas including awesome gorges and waterfalls.  The Woodland Trail starts behind the Nature Center and crosses these cascades by way of a swinging bridge. 

Cane Creek Falls

All surface water in the park eventually pours into Cane Creek.  Its cascades (first photo)  have worn down the rocks of Cane Creek falls which is 85 feet high. The Gorge Overlook Trail offers overlooks of the falls. 

Fall Creek Falls

At 256 feet, Fall Creek Falls is the highest waterfall in the eastern United Sates.  Fall Creek Falls Sate Park is a paradise of more than 25,000 acres, sprawled across the western top of the rugged Cumberland Plateau.   There is a steep trail to the bottom of the falls. Here is more information on the park which is laced with cascades, gorges, waterfalls, and streams. 

Imodium Falls near Soddy Daisy 

Located in the Three Gorges Segment, Possum Creek Section, of the Cumberland Trail, it is a 9-mile difficult hike to the picturesque Imodium Falls.  Here is more information on this segment of the Cumberland Trail. 

Savage Falls located in the Savage Gulf Sate Natural Area near Monteagle

The Savage Gulf State Natural Area is one of Tennessee's most scenic state outdoor recreation areas.  The easy Savage Day Loop Trail gives the hiker a variety of features including overlooks of Savage Falls and access to several of the longer backcountry trails.  Here is more information on Savage Gulf. 

Burgess Falls near Sparta
The main 1.5-mile round trip river trail is moderately strenuous and takes you past four water falls on the Falling Water River.  Here is more information on Burgess Falls State Natural Area. 

As I explore more of the Volunteer State, this list of six waterfalls is sure to grow. Do you have a favorite you'd like to share.

Until next time, don't go chasing waterfalls, and Keep On Hiking!


  1. This is enough to make this Missourian travel to Tennessee!

    Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Laura, so glad you enjoyed the Tennessee waterfalls. The Cumberland Plateau area of Tennessee has some breathtaking scenery. Missouri is a lovely state and my husband and I just visited there last year....our destination was Kansas City, but we enjoyed driving the back roads through the Ozark Mountains. We especially enjoyed the WWI museum in Kansas City and visiting Harry Truman's home and library in Independence. Jefferson City and Rolla were very pretty too!

      Warm regards,