March 21, 2014

Spring at the Walls of Jericho

The amphitheatre.  (Photograph courtesy of Backpacker magazine.) 

The Walls of Jericho near Hytop, Alabama, is a splendid hike for many reasons: Hepatica, Spring Beauty, Virginia Bluebells, and Trout Lily just to name a few. These are all wildflowers which are abundant in late Winter to early Spring. There are many other reasons to enjoy the Walls of Jericho: beautiful trail, protected forest land, Hurricane and Turkey creeks, interesting rock formations, and the rock amphitheatre, a great place to have lunch and then go exploring. Spring is my favorite time to hike the Walls of Jericho. Let me show you why.

The first waterfall just below the amphitheatre. 

Waterfall No. 2 and interesting rock formations.

The third waterfall which requires some climbing from the amphitheatre, but well worth it. 

The cascades of Turkey Creek. 
Hurricane Creek which has a footbridge for easy crossing.

Plus, there's the tree made famous in many a hiker's photographs: 

Do you see an animal's head? 
Who could resist? 
Picture perfect. 

Who doesn't enjoy the wildflowers? 

Along the banks of Hurricane Creek, a beautiful field of Virginia Bluebells await. 

"Virginia Bluebell" 
"Longspur Violet" 
"Red Lousewort" 
"Rue Anemone" 
"Spring Beauty"
"Toadshade Trillium" 
"Trout Lily" 
"Virginia Bluebell" 

If you want to learn more about southern Appalachian wildflowers, here is a beautiful gallery which helped me identify the flowers in this post.

Here is a wonderful website from the Nature Conservancy which provides more information regarding the Walls of Jericho including a trail map, history, and directions to the Tennessee and Alabama trailheads.

Hope you have enjoyed this post on one of my favorite trails, the Walls of Jericho.  Until next time, "Keep On Hiking."

Special thanks to Beth Hemann, Patricia McAlpin, and John Rowland for some of the photographs. 

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